Sunday, 22 October 2017

IBSC led in the 2nd Mid & Long Distance Swim Meet 2017

Swimmers at the 2nd ASUM/NSC/MILO Mid and Long Distance Swimming Championship 2017 experienced their first pool testing at the newly renovated National Aquatic Centre, Kuala Lumpur Sports City when the meet was held there this weekend on 21-22 October, 2017 at Bukit Jalil.

The meet has attracted 262 athletes from 22 clubs nationwide.

IBSC with the biggest contingent of 78 swimmers was on the top of the table with 998 points after securing 36 gold, 21 silver and 16 bronze.

The top points earner was Wesley Kam who took home 5 gold and 1 silver and in the process accumulated 71 points. Wesley charted a new meet record in his 200m breast event.

Steve Khiew, 14, broke the most number of records with 5 new times under his belt as he amassed 5 gold.

As the meet is only into its second year, abundance of meet records were being renewed and created.

IBSC record breakers were :

Chelsea Lee, 12, 800m free 10:07.63 [MR2017: 10:16.06], 400m free 4:53.35 [MR2017 : 4:57.88]

Nurlatifa Zhara, 16, 400m free 4:54.56 [MR2017 : 4:55.92], 200m free 2:17.10 [MR2017 : 2:22.03]

Karla Lim, 15, 200m back 2:34.52 [MR2017 :2:45.10]

Steve Khiew, 14, 200m back 2:09.04 [MR2017 : 2:14.36], 200 IM 2:17.89 [MR2017 : 2:20.60], 400m free 4:13.00 [MR2017 : 4:24.93], 400 IM 4:50.65 [MR2017 : 4:53.76], 200m free 1:59.48 [MR2017 : 2:05.33]

Jackson Khiew. 16, 200IM 2:18.78 [MR2017 : 2:22.11], 200m breast 2:32.91 [MR2017 : 2:39.37]

Brandy Chew, 16, 200m back 2:17.17 [MR2017 :2:23.02]

Wesley Kam, 12, 200m breast 2:42.81 [MR2017 : 3:00.71]

Kevin Lim, 17, 200m fly 2:10.72 [MR2017 : 2:23.12]

Low Ken Ji, 15, 40 IM 4:59.60 [MR2017 : 5:41.08]


Boys Group 4, 4x200 free relay, 10:15.91 [MR2017 : 10:51.98]
(Teo Zun Jet, Nicholas Long, Jareick Cheong, Tobin Sia)

Boys Group 3, 4x200 free relay, 9:23.70 [MR2017 : 9:39.37]
(Wesley Kam, Daud Agam, Ng K-Yang, Whisky Chew)

Boys Group 2, 4x200 free relay, 8:43.49 [MR2017 : 8:51.66]
(Muhd Farhan Andi, Sharizan Shazali, Yap Min Shun, Steve Khiew)

Girls Group 3, 4x200 free relay, 9:56.03 [MR2017 : 9:59.10]
(Ng Zi Syuen, Teo Sze Hui, Anna Lau, Chelsea Lee)

Girls Group 1, 4x200 free relay, 10:42.86 [MR2017 : 11:26.44]
(Karla Lim, Pavinya, Liew Shue Yuen, Nurlatifa)

Group 3 Mixed Relay, 4x200 free relay, 9:19.12 [MR2017 : 9:33.73]
(Ng K-Yang, Ng Zi Syuen, Chelsea Lee, Wesley Kam)

Group 2 Mixed Relay, 4x200 free relay, 9:07.90 [MR2017 : 9:11.19]
(Muhd Farhan Andi, Nadirah Syazwin, Ashley Ting, Steve Khiew)

Group 1 Mixed Relay, 4x200 free relay, 9:31.72 [MR2017 : 9:51.95]
(Kevin Lim, Pavinya, Nurlatifa, Low Ken Ji)

Download Full Results.

Congratulations to all winners. Many junior swimmers seized the chance to improve their PBs in the meet and most importantly is that they experienced the meet in a joyous and fruitful way.

Thanks to the coaches, team managers, chaperones and volunteers, the meet ended smoothly with many commendable performances. Keep up the good job team IBSC!

Thanks to Mr CK Wong for his great photography too.

See IBSC Gallery.

Results of 2nd ASUM/NSC/MILO Mid & Long Distance Swimming Championship 2017

See Full Results here.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Point Earners at SportExcel Grand Final 2017 received cash incentives from IBSC

IB swimmers who managed to secure points at the recent SportExcel Junior Swimming Circuit, Grand Final 2017 were rewarded with cash incentive from the Club totaling RM2,500. Part of the incentives was funded by USPTN Wilayah Persekutuan and the Club is grateful for the grant.

A simple presentation ceremony was carried out this morning at Cheras pool with cash and certificates being handed over to achievers by our President, Mr Teo Mua Seng.

We congratulate the following swimmers with extra pocket money to spend.

Ng Zi Syuen - Top female point earner
Steve Khiew - Top male point earner
Tobin Sia
Ashley Ting
Sharizan Shazali
Wong Ru Yi
Ng K-Yang
Zachary Lim

The absentees can claim their prizes and certificates at the office later.

Keep up the good job!

Team Briefing Notes - ASUM/NSC/MILO Mid and Long Distance Swimming Championship 2017

Dear IBSC swimmers and parents,

We appreciate the attendance of swimmers and parents at IBSC's Team Briefing for the ASUM/NSC/MILO Mid and Long Distance Swimming Championship 2017 held this morning, 18 Oct, 2017.

Just to recap the important points :

Sessions & Warm-Up Time

The competition sessions start at 8:30 am daily at National Aquatic Centre, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur Sports City. If you have morning events, please be at the pool for warm-up by 7:00 am.

Order of Events


Scratching/Withdrawal of Events

If you wish to scratch any events, please inform the Team Manager, Mr Vincent Low immediately or before Friday 4pm. on 20 Oct, 2017 as cancellation of event is NOT allowed on the day of competition, otherwise a penalty of RM25/event is imposed for a NS.

Relay Events

Selection of relays will be based on best times swum during the competition or best personal times available. The Team Managers and Coaches reserve the rights to select the best relay swimmers for each age group and their decisions shall be final.

Group Photo

Please take note that we will have our group photos daily during lunch break. Please gather together when notified so that you don't missed out the photo  session.

No Access to Control Room/Pool deck

Only the Team Managers are allowed to the Control Room to deal with the officials. No parents are allowed at all times at the pool deck or marshaling zone.

In the case of a Disqualification (DQ), please request your Team Manager to check on the reason(s) for the DQ within 30 minutes, as parents are not allowed into the Control Room.

Team Attire for Swimmers & Parents

The team attire  will be as follows:

21 Oct, 2017 (Sat)    :  Royal blue T-shirt/black shorts
22 Oct, 2017 (Sun)   :  Army Green T-shirt/grey shorts

If you do not have any of the above t-shirts, you may wear any IBSC T-shirts or similar colour tees. Please DO NOT wear any other thematic T-shirts displaying other team names or Malaysia aquatic to avoid disciplinary actions.

Please ensure you have your IBSC caps on during the race especially relay events.

Meals and Refreshments

Snacks and lunches will be provided by IBSC to the swimmers for the 2 days. Please bring your own supply of water. Parents who wanted to pre-book lunch can contact the Team Manager.

If swimmers plan to skip lunch for any reason, please do inform the Chaperone so that your food is not pre-ordered and wasted. All swimmers are obliged to collect their own lunches before the cut off of 2:00pm each day. Uncollected lunch will be redistributed to avoid wastage.

Group Seating

All team IBSC swimmers must sit in a group so that it is easier to locate for swimmers in relays and to gather swimmers for photography. IBSC seatings should be tentatively above the control room next to the VIP seating as indicated with IBSC flags and banners.


Displaying good sportsmanship is vital in any sporting event. The EXCO expects all swimmers to carry the good name of IBSC during the swim meet. All swimmers are to respect each other including your competing peers and adhere to the rules and regulations of the meet and instructions of the Team Managers/officials and coaches.

Please also be reminded that the diving platforms and springboards are out of bounds. Do not be playful around the pool deck or marshaling zone to avoid any untoward incidents. Any delinquent swimmer can be subject to disciplinary action.

School Leave Letter

The school leave letters have been distributed to swimmers. If you require a copy, please download letter.


Parents are advised by the stadium board to park their cars at the public parking zones, nearest being Parking D behind Axiata Arena stadium (formerly where Subway was located). Transport via LRT would be most feasible.

IBSC Working Committee

IBSC working committee for the above meet are :

Team Manager : Mr Vincent Low (012-722 3733)
Asst. Team Managers : En. Nizarudin (019-36904603), Mr Andrew Chin (012-311 5718)
Coaches : Coach Shazali and Kamarudin

If you have an queries on the above meet, please contact the Team Managers or Coaches.

We wish all IBSC swimmers ALL THE BEST!

Thank you.

Team Managers

Happy Deepavali 2017

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Learn to Swim this Coming School Holiday 2017

Plan some active sporting activity during the holidays.

Swimmers who have siblings, relatives or friends who are keen to take up swimming as a sport can now register for Learn to Swim program this school holiday.

Date : 5th - 8th Dec and 12th - 15th Dec, 2017 (Tues - Fri)
Time : 9:30 am to 10:45 am.
Venue : Kompleks Renang Kuala Lumpur, Bandar Tun Razak, Cheras
Preferred Age : 10 and below
No. of Sessions : 8
Package Price : RM200/swimmer
Free : Goodie Bag and T-shirts

REGISTER NOW before the places are filled.

Download Manual Registration Form or fill Online Form.

Please email for any enquiry.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

IBSC Team Briefing - Mid & Long Distance Swimming Championship 2017

Dear swimmers/parents,

Kindly note that swimmers who are registered for the ASUM/NSC/MILO Mid & Long Distance Swimming Championship 2017 scheduled to be held at Bukit Jalil Aquatic Centre on 21-22 Oct, 2017 are required to attend a team briefing as follows :

Date : 18 Oct, 2017 (Wed)
Time : 9:30 am.
Venue : Cheras Pool

Those who require school leave letter please request early from the secretariat.

Vincent Low
Team Managers

Thursday, 5 October 2017

2018 School Terms and Holidays

The Ministry of Education has released the 2018 school calendar as displayed below.

Source :

36th National Inter-Club Swimming Championships 2017 for the President Cup

Please note that invite has been received from Persatun Renang Amatur Kuala Lumpur for the 36th National Inter-Club Swimming Championship 2017 for the President Cup, which will be held as follows :-

Venue : National Aquatic Centre, Kuala Lumpur Sports City, Bukit Jalil, KL
Dates : 24 - 26 November, 2017 (Fri - Sun)
Time : Starts at 8:00 am. each day
Date of Reckoning : 1 January, 2017
Rules : FINA Rules apply
Entries : No limit of entries
Organiser : Persatuan Renang Amatur Kuala Lumpur (PRAKL)
Closing Date : 3 November, 2017 (Fri) @ 5:00 pm.

The Quatifying Times with a penalty of RM100/event are tabulated below.

Please download the Invite from PRAKL and Info Package on President Cup 2017.

For IBSC swimmers, please submit your entries using the IBSC Entry Form.

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